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Dante palazzo
ciao checca

The first Ciao Checca had to be in a special place and we are extremely happy to be hosted by a 17th century palace protected by Beni Culturali italiani (Italian Cultural Property Ministry). We are also proud to have neighbors such the Italian seat of UNESCO, guardians of all that is history and beauty, and even more to be right next to the renowned school of the Italian language for foreigners “Dante Alighieri” as Dante is one of our greatest idols.

monday: 8:30-15:30/18:30-22:30
tuesday: 8:30 - 15:30
wednesday to friday: 8:30 - 22:30
saturday and sunday: 9:00 - 22:30


Research, flavor and creativity.

Here’s where the magic happens; in our kitchen with a view of Rome visible from and looking at the small, iconic Piazza di Firenze; our Kitchen is conceived and created so that customers as well as people passing by can see where and how the dishes from our menu are prepared.

the box