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Ciao Checca – Slow Street Food – is a new gastronomic format projected in the future
while holding its roots firmly in the Italiana culinary tradition. Launched in Rome
in Novembre 2013, Ciao Checca has been an immediate success story with ample media coverage
and great reviews from enthusiastic and returning customers.With 30% of total sales,
the Pasta alla Checca is the star of the show and a unique, delicious home recipe
accompanied by other traditional dishes adapted for street food consumption.
Everything in Ciao Checca is made to order using only the best possible primary ingredients
including many Slow Food Presidia Ciao Checca combines the quality of a restaurant
with the timing and logistics of a take away.

  • 1. Ciao Checca is a contemporary, functional and versatile 100% Italian format with an easy,
    profitable management suitable even for non experts of the restaurant biz
  • 2. Made to roder dishes using high quality, simple, tasty ingredients means delicious food and no waste
  • 3. The Ciao Checca Holding guarantess uninterrupted support for the franchisee
    and provides a comprehensive operating manual as guidance to the brand identity, communications and SOPs.

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