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Cioccolato Gianduia e Pasta Ripiena e all'uovo




Fagiolo Rosso di Lucca

Marche/Serra de Conti

Lonzino di Fico e Cicerchia di Serra de Conti


Mozzarella di Bufala Dop

Roma e dintorni

Verdure, Crostata Visciole


Miele, Castagne e Olio Canino Dop

Umbria/Fonti del Clitunno

Olio Cerquepapa biologico






la checca


A precious and jealously guarded family recipe; accurately selected high-quality ingredients and half a century of meticulous improvements in a quest for the perfect gastronomic alchemy. The result is the best Pasta alla Checca you will ever taste - Slow method Durhum wheat Ditaloni rigati pasta served al dente with diced sweet clustered tomatoes from the vine, an unforgettable mozzarella di bufala rich in freshly produced milk, organic olive oil, sea salt and the most fragrant basil. All cooked and prepared on-the-spot. Our Checca in NOT a pasta salad but a healthy, hearty, gluttonous dish for all moods and seasons; it is served warm and eaten with a spoon so that every single bite becomes an explosion of unique textures and unforgettable flavors. Warning! You won’t be able to live without it.

ciao checca
Curiosity: Checca is a traditional roman dish. And Ciao Checca’s ancient recipe, with its unique use and preparation of the ingredients, the buffalo mozzarella instead of fior di latte, and other little secrets, transforms it in the most delicious of comfort foods and a dish for any time, day and season. Our Pasta alla Checca is therapeutical; it makes dark days brighter and adds happiness to joyful moments. It’s a hymn to great taste, goodness and love for food. food


Fragrant, sweet, pungent, and always extraordinarily aromatic. Basil was brought to Italy from the Far East during the times of Alexander the Great and soon became a symbol of Italian cuisine.

Basil is also a fundamental ingredient for Thai, Vietnamese, Taiwanese and Cambodian Chefs. In Greece instead, it is used as an ornamental plant just like the Bougainvillea. When taking a stroll in any cycladic village, check out what plant is springing from the vases at the entrances of those cute, small, white and blue houses. Pass your hand over the plant, delicately move your fingertips between the green leaves and smell the aroma. In that moment, as Izzo wrote about the sea, happiness will be a little easier.


With fior di latte mozzarella (from cow’s instead of buffalo milk), with kamut whole-grain or corn glutein free ditaloni rigati pasta, so that everyone can enjoy the Checca Experience. primi


Our spectacular mozzarella Is delivered fresh every morning from one of Italy’s most acclaimed dairy farms. A very special place where the feed-stuff is made on premises and brought directly to spoiled and happy buffaloes, that exchange the kindness with a healthy, nutritious and delicious milk; essential ingredient to make, following the traditional method, the most iconic of italian fresh cheeses.


Are you a celiac? No problem at all; the entire Menu of Ciao Checca provides gluten-free options – from the first courses to chocolates. Just ask at the counter for our gluten-free line up.


Liguria and Pidmont for two healthy, savory and timeless recipes, where the main actors are egg tagliolini pasta and ravioli filled with borragine (an ancient leafy veggie native from southern Europe, delicious and packed with medicinal properties), prepared especially for us by a Pastificio in Rivalta renowned for using exclusively natural ingredients.

The Tagliolini are served with a creamy garlic free pesto, pine nuts crushed in front of your eyes and completed with a drop of our fragrant organic olive oil.

The Ravioli swim in a fondue of Castelmagno cheese from the Alps where, upon order, we can add the egg yolk from free range hens. From the kitchen to your palate in less than 5 minutes.


The very base of human nutrition from the dawn of man and pillars of the Mediterranean diet. Egyptians, Minoans, Greeks, Romans and Etruscans would not sit down for dinner without a bowl of legumes on their table.

Chickpeas, beans, blue sweet peas or ‘cicerchia’ and Fava are vegetable produce rich in energy, fiber and protein and represent an excellent and healthy alternative to meat with no negative environmental impact.


); Sweet, flavorful, with an intense fragrance, a soft creamy consistency and recognizable by its beautiful reddish-purple and black stripes. Yummy and gorgeous, welcome to the famous Lucca Red Bean, protected by the “Slow Food” movement and main ingredient of our exquisite soup. You can order it accompanied by a wedge of toasted bread or with ‘maltagliati’ egg pasta for a timeless classic that goes by the name of Pasta e Fagioli.

Curiosity: Originating in Central America, the Phaseolus vulgaris has excellent nutritional properties; it regulates sugars in our blood, it reduced bad cholesterol and also prevents arteriosclerosis and heart disease. But above it all it tastes really good


Our Cicerchia grows wild and free in the most beautiful countryside you can imagine and are completely devoid of chemical agents. This is what the Cicerchia of Serra dè Conti is all about. Serra de Conti is small medieval village in the heart of Marche’s countryside, region of Giacomo Lepoardi and many Michelin starred Chefs. The Cicerchia is an ancient legume, loved by Assyrians, Babylonians and ancient Romans. Ciao Checca proudly presents it as a purea mashed with nothing else but organic olive oil and cooking water with a side of a steamed leafy seasonal vegetable and a wedge of toasted bread. For the gluttonous we can add a small milky mozzarella or a delicious buffalo ricotta. Occasionally you will find in our menu an exquisite Cicerchia soup served inside a loaf of daily bread. Try it and just like cute little cats, you’ll be licking your whiskers (from the Italian “da leccarsi I baffi”).

Curiosity: Not too long ago, the fabulous Cicerchia came very close to oblivion as the only variety remaining was the Cicerchia ruthlessly produced by multinationals with its unique flavor of chalk and glue. Fortunately this amazing ingredient was saved by ‘La Bona Usanza’, a farm in le Marche region from which we can all learn a lot, that not only recovered precious records of Cicerchia harvesting over the centuries, but also made sure that this hyumble yet noble legume, returned to grace our tables. Should you have the opportunity, eat one directly from the plant right before the end of July harvest. It tastes similar to the green fava bean (the one italians eat with pecorino cheese) but way betterand more delicate to the palate.


Are based on the recuperation and safeguarding of small gastronomic excellences threatened by industrial agricultural processes, environmental degradation and homologation of flavors.


Another exceptional protein; tasty, ethical and environmentally friendly. We buy our chickpeas in the Marche region and more specifically from the beautiful Alta Valle (High Valley) of the Misa river. The first records of chickpeas cultivation go as far back as the bronze age and were then used in Iraq, from where they rapidly moved throughout the entire ancient civilized world. In the world of Ciao Checca the chickpeas are paired with castagna or chestnuts to create a delicious soup full of clean energy. legumi



Our tribute to street-food and to ethnic take-aways we love so much. But also the only method possible to shorten the distance from the real, exquisite, American “Burger Joints” on the other side of the moon. Our Patty Melt was invented in California and perfected in Delaware, the 1st State of the United States. You can see it as a variation of the Cheeseburger. To make it we use a high-quality Danish meat from grazing cows free of estrogen and antibiotics and top the patty with a slice of melted Swiss Cheese and honey caramelized onions. The goodness is then pressed into two slices of grilled whole wheat grain bread and comes with with a side of sauces - ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard - and a little pickle.

Because of friendship, quality and health. Throughout our lives, we always bought red meat from Piero Stecchiotti, a historical butcher in the heart of the wonderful Rione Monti. Piero, on top of being Quirinale’s supplier (Palace of the Italian President of the Republic) and the happy subject of many articles on his excellent shop (New York Times included), is a friend and a guarantor of superb quality.


verdure We only use seasonal vegetables purchased each morning from organic and biodynamic growers. We suggest a fresh and crisp cruditè selection (sliced raw vegetables, salt, pepper, organic olive oil dip) or steamed (not boiled) veggies packed with precious mineral salts sprinkled with olive oil and lemon. As a salad you really must try our “misticanza” (wild salad sprouts) with a warm scrumptious grilled tomino cheese from Piedmont, honey vinaigrette and crushed walnuts.


The fruit of the Chestnut tree is another excellent source of protein and carbohydrates.
So good and tasty to so many wildlife creatures infact, to develop a curious spiny shell for protection reminds us of one of our favorite animals; the hedgehog.
We purchase our chestnuts dry from a meticulous harvester in the Lazio Region, and after a softening session in water, we pair them with chickpeas, a little garlic and plenty of fragrant rosemary to give you another healthy, simple and complete dish.

Curiosity: The magnificent Chestnut tree inhabited planet earth 10 million years ago and is one of the few species to have resisted the ice ages.


Italy produces the best olive oil in the world and choosing is no easy task. To be safe we decided that Ciao Checca would use the same olive oil we always cooked with at home, the oil we always had in our wine cellar. The first is the multiple award winning Cerquepapa (80% Moraiolo olives, 10% Leccino olives, 10% Frantoio olives), purchased from the gorgeous 16th century estate and mansion called Villa della Genga, a naturally organic oasis in the Umbria Region. Cerquepapa has a persistent, fragrant, distinct and smooth asymmetrical taste, it won the prestigious Alma Trophy in the International Extra virgin Olive Oil Contest and was awarded 2 Olives of Excellence from Slow Food. Then we have the Canino D.O.P. (Denominazione di Origine Protetta) from the high Lazio Region. Canino oil has an intense scent of fruit and low acidity levels because it’s obtained exclusively from the Canino olive variety and immediately extracted in the Archibusacci Olive Press, the oldest olive mill in the area. Archibusacci company has been awarded the Gold Medal for the production of Oil D.O.P. of Canino.


miele “Food of the God’s” in ancient Greece, sustenance rich of beneficial properties and the main sweetener used by man for thousands of years. Bumble bee’s honey is one of the many, poetic, magical gifts of nature. The one selected by Ciao Checca is Italian, certified organic, and according to the availability of our bee keeper, it can be infused with chestnuts, eucalyptus, rhododendron, acacia or wildflowers.


There is always need for sweetness in life and at Ciao Checca we are big chocolate lovers, especially when mixed with the nocciola tonda gentile (the world famous round gentle hazelnut from Langhe, Piedmont). So we went to an eco-friendly chocolate laboratory in Turin to bring you delicacies of the following caliber: The Gianduia chocolate cream (it contains more than 40% hazelnut paste and was invented in Turin in 1852 during Napoléon’s regency) that you can eat with a spoon or spread it on bread, little melt in your mouth chocolate cream morsels (Cremini) and individually wrapped old fashion Gianduiotti. We then travelled to Catania, Sicily, and paid a visit to Nonna Vincenza for the most delicate and scented cassata cake, without forgetting about our unforgettable pie with sour cherry jam, known to Italians as Crostata di Visciole. dolci