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Our story

La nostra storia

Is still in the making but its foundations lie in our passion for our family’s Pasta alla Checca (pronounced kekka) and for good, natural, tasty food. Food that respects tradition, production cycles and the environment. What inspired us? One day, after many many months abroad and after overindulging on street-food, we felt a pinch of nostalgia for homemade flavors. So we asked ourselves two questions.
One - why, unlike all the other ethnic take-away on the planet that we love so much, where you arrive and hungrily wait for the kitchen to do its course, Italy’s street-food is almost never cooked on the spot and is often as is easy to digest as a San Pietrino (typical roman cobblestone)?
Two - why is it so so hard to find a proper Pasta alla Checca on any menu and the few places that serve it manage to diminish it to an overcooked, bland, cold, boring pasta salad? So we decided to create, around our deceivingly impossible to replicate Checca, an array of succulent dishes rich in flavor, history, tradition and based on the same culinary ‘philosophy’.




Homefood prepared on the spot, honest prices, au naturelle condiments, and dishes completed before your eyes with the correct balance of fibers, carbohydrates and protein. All prepared with the highest quality ingredients found in Italy.
Food is about respect, culture, history, imagination, as well as amusement, discovery and great taste. All we ask of you is a few minutes wait; the necessary time for a “cottura espressa” or express cooking.

After you can choose whether to sit down and eat in our shop or take our recipes away with you in the most beautiful historic centre the world has ever seen.

slow food cuochiCiao Checca gastronomic laboratory is part of the Slow Food Chefs Alliance.

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La salute vien mangiando

Health is Wealth

Health is the most precious asset we have. For this very reason at Ciao Checca you will never find chemicals fillers or food colors or ingredients from uncertain origins. We are intolerant to food dyes, preservatives, additives and pesticides. We do not use saturated fats or microwaves, we do not serve anything pre-cooked or reheated. We purchase from small agricultural companies respectful of the environment and of natural production cycles, as well as small gastronomic excellences spread out in the four corners of our gorgeous country. This means investing time in research, on-site visits and infinite quality controls. But it’s all well worth it because the simpler the dish, the more important it is to prepare it with wholesome, flavorful, tasty primary products, as it is impossible to cook great dishes without great ingredients.

Il cucchiaio

The Spoon

Il cucchiaio

Without him our Pasta alla Checca would have no reason to exist. The word spoon comes from the latin Coclear (snail), that brings us to the amazing Nautilus spiral; the most perfect of nature’s shapes. And we are great fans of the golden section. Ancient Romans had their spoons made from bone or metal, and then added a point or double point to the handle so they could flip it and open shellfish, perforate eggs and use it as a fork. Many great Chefs often prefer a spoon to the fork for their tasting sessions.

Il cucchiaio
We love natura



No rhetoric here but only a genuine desire to do things properly, respecting and safeguarding as much as possible all the beauties and goodness the planet gave us.

That’s why we chose completely compostable containers, electrical appliances with low environmental impact and recycled wood for our furniture.

Above it all, we have put together a healthy, tasty, ethical and environmentally respectful menu, because eco-sustainability has much to do with nutrition.

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