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Healthy flavors and beneficial properties to feel energized with fresh vitamins and minerals. Our fresh vegetables and fruit juices are prepared in front of your eyes with seasonal produce from organic and biodynamic growers. Create your own mix with carrots, celery, apples, ginger, cucumber, red beets, fennel, dandelion. And dont forget that freshly extracted vegetable juice is best drank immediately.

Curiosity: La barbabietole ha proprietà calmanti, il finocchio aiuta la digestione, il cetriolo rende la pelle più bella, la carota è emolliente e purificante, il pomodoro è depurativo e remineralizzante, così come il sedano, che è anche un ottimo tonico per reni e vie respiratorie. Se invece siete stanchi puntate sul tarassaco. drinks


Variation on the Smoothies theme and an American take on an ancient Brazilian recipe to obtain fruit pulp, the shake is an all time classic and healthy, tasty vitamin packed beverage. Ours are prepared on the spot with organic full-fat milk, skimmed milk, or soy milk, shaked with your favorite fruit mix from a colorful, joyous basket rich in nature’s goodness.



Vitamin A and C to recharge your batteries onthego.

Citruses are excellent antioxidants, energy providers, and for shape and color they reminds us of a certain star called the sun.


Obtained exclusively from pressed organic apples, our apple juice is so delicious it can easily compete with those produced in the amazing Alps di Siusi Huts in the Dolomites of Northern Italy. And it’s also healthy, nourishing and detoxifying. Taste to believe.


vino Wine and man have practically evolved together. So much so that from the Neolithic Period onwards and throughout all the antique civilizations, archeologist have discovered evidence of a drink obtained exclusively from the fermentation of grapes. The production on a large scale started more of less 5000 years ago. The Egyptian civilization elevated the entire process to a new dimension with dedicated cultivations, presumably devoid of chemical agents and various plasters that render many contemporary wines acidic and indigestible. For this reasons at Ciao Checca we prefer natural organic wine with a medium light body, a solid structure, great taste and no industrial nonsense. Just like our Red from Chianti and our White from the hills around Ascoli Piceno.

Curiosity: The most antique earthenware jar of wine dates back to 5100 A.C; it was made of terracotta, had 9 litres capacity and was discovered in Iran by an archeological expedition conducted by the University of Pennsylvania.


birra Trusted companion at parties, sunsets, aperitifs, dinner, lunches and after hours. Ciao Checca prefers artisan handcrafted beer, because of the genuine flavor and its distinctive taste of barley or wheat malt, giving you the beautiful sensation of drinking something unique.

Curiosity: The eleventh Egyptian dynasty had a bakery-brewery in Thebes while the Pharaohs possessed bona fide beer factories. Mesopotamia is where “brewing” was first considered a job but it wasn’t until the Celtic and Germanic tribes that beer started to spread throughout Europe. Low fermented beer, the one most people drink today, has been produced at industrial levels in England starting from the second part of the 19th century.